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I was a chubby baby, a plump child and a chunky teenager. Weight has been a struggle for me all my life. Consequently, I've tried just about every diet and weight loss programme known to man. Atkins, Weight-Watchers, fruit-only diets, weight-loss meditation... the list is endless. Some of them worked (for a while), some were a complete waste of money, some made me gain more weight - can you believe this! Eventually I accepted I'd always be a big gal! So I resolved to just keep fit through swimming and walking which are my preferred activities, and this because I'm scared of all the health problems that come later on in life because of weight issues.

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When my health conscious, slim and trim friend told me about Acai berry, I almost dismissed it. She had no idea what it means to be over-weight. In any case, I'd never heard of Acai and I didn't think one more berry in my fruit basket was going to do anything for my weight. I'm highly skeptical of treatments that claim wonder results weight loss. But my friend had a free trial bottle of Acai Berry Select that she gave me, so I figured I might as well give it a try.

As I write I've been on Acai berry for just over 6 months and I'm just loving what it's done for me. I've lost weight considerably and this is the first time in my life that I've kept it off for this long.

Firstly, in terms of weight loss - six pounds lost in ten days! I almost thought my bathroom scale was malfunctioning. So speaking from experience Acai Berry does knocks if off pounds almost immediately. In the following month I lost another twenty-seven pounds, and there's been continued weight loss on a gradual basis. Within another month or two I should be at my desire weight - that hasn't happened to me since my early twenties.

A great thing about that this product gives you that vital kick-start in your weight loss attempts. I must admit that the quick drop in pounds was the mental boost that I need to gain faith in the Acai Berry Select and actually purchase my own bottles. Furthermore, I didn't actually have to diet since using Acai Berry select. I mean I do watch what eat and watch my intake of carbs and fatty foods. But I've not changed my eating habits at all in the last six months.

One other thing I noticed is that since starting on Acai Berry Select, I have more energy than before, which is great because then I look forward to my exercise time. It's probably the metabolism-boosting component of the supplement that's doing the trick.

Since I have never heard of Acai berries, I did some prior personal research on it. It's a well know in Brazil and other South American countries where it's long been consumed for its rich nutrients and energy-boosting qualities. The validation made me more comfortable about trying this supplement. The fact that athletes like to use it for nutrients and energy boosting also attracted my interest. I often suffer from sluggishness which makes my weight loss and exercise routine somewhat fickle.

Acai Berry contains some really vital ingredients. The fat-oxidising part of course appeals to me any body who has weight issues and my weight loss is testament to this. The anti-oxidant elements I also like because I know the benefits they give you in terms of fighting off compounds in the body that lead to other diseases. Being over-weight makes you so much more prone to different diseases. Also, the omega 3,6,9 oils are essential nutrients that contribute to healthy ski, fighting off heart disease, arthritis, high blood pressure. And it's true, my skin is much improved, particularly on my face.

I like that Acai Berry Select focuses a lot on all-round health. They're very clear that sensible eating, plenty of water, a regular exercise regime are a must. I think it's so erroneous of manufacturers to suggest that a product can magically melt away the pounds without any exertion on your part. Acai Berry clearly recommends an all-round weight loss programme.

By continuing the supplements together with diet and exercise, my weight continued to drop although at a slower rate. That's fine with me because I know from years of research that it's not good for the body to shed huge amounts of weight over a short period of time. It wrecks havoc on the body systems.

The complimentary eBook tips and video series I think are a nice touch in terms of value add for the customer. They give useful advice on the science and facts behind weight loss, but I particularly liked when they talked about the mental self-image and how state of mind is truly connected to your weight issues.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Acai Berry Select. Take it from long-time overweight person who has tried several weight-loss pills that didn't work. This one is healthy, nutritious, and definitely gets rid of the pounds. For the first time in years I don't have to shop in the plus sizes section and I am absolutely confident that I'll never have a problem fitting into my clothes again.

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