Five Effective Herbal Weight Loss Solutions That Can Benefit You

Are you tired of the lose weight programs that don't seem to work? The market is filled with 'instant' diet pills and supplements. However drawbacks about these supplements may prove to be more harmful than helpful. If you know the right herbal weight loss solutions, you might be surprised that the results might actually be better.

Here are some of the latest herbal weight loss solutions to help you:

A study done in the University of Oklahoma Health and Exercise Science Department found that tri-pepper blend, a combination of black pepper, caffeine and capsaicin (a component found in red peppers) might burn calories similar to a 20 minute walk or 250 calories. The product is still undergoing extensive testing but shows promising results.

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Anti-cancer is just one of green tea's health benefits. Further studies showed that green tea extract is more efficient than traditional diet supplements. Drinking green tea in moderation might result to heighten metabolic rates, thus increase calorie burn. But excess green tea consumption might also put you at higher risk for bladder cancer. To minimize this, drink tea in between meals and not on an empty stomach. An average of one to two cups per day should suffice.

Coconut oil was once thought to be 'bad' for your health. This breakthrough regimen might just make it to your list of herbal weight loss solutions. According to Cherie Calbom (The Coconut Diet: The Secret Ingredient that Helps You Lose Weight While You Eat Your Favorite Foods), coconut oil promotes weight reduction along with various health benefits compared with vegetable oil. It has a component flushes out toxins from the body, thus creating a suitable environment to lose weight.

Other uncommon herbal weight loss supplement such as Chitosan are said to carry weight reduction components. It works as an appetite suppressant that prevents cravings and binging. However serious side effects like headache, swollen heels and wrists and constipation may be experienced without proper dosage. Furthermore, people who are allergic to seafood or those with blood disorders are contraindicated with this supplement.

Traditional herbal weight loss solutions such as Ma Huang or ephedrine might also work for you. This herbal supplement causes weight decrease as one of its health benefits. Aside from its weight loss effects, Ma Huang is said to boost energy and sexual sensation. Serious side effects like palpitations, hallucinations, headache and dizziness may be experienced with this supplement, so be sure to consult your doctor first before taking in this supplement. Evidences shown by the FDA questioned the safety standards of Ma Huang supplements, especially with more consumers experiencing serious health problems.

With so many herbal treatments popping out like mushrooms, it's hard to get 'healthy' supplements. Although these may be beneficial with exercise, your doctor would be the best person to ask about safe weight loss supplements. Always choose FDA approved herbal dietary supplements. Many of these 'supplements' contain large amounts of drugs to suppress the appetite, causing serious side effects like headache, dizziness, increased heart rate and heart attack.

The best herbal weight loss solutions are still a mystery yet to be found. Instead of taking 'rigid' diet plans or synthetic diet pills, herbal supplements might be more appealing for consumers due to its safer effects. Several companies are advantage of this profitable market and produce sub-standard weight loss supplements, so choose wisely.

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