Solutions to Achieving a Quick Natural Weight Loss

We all realise that by losing even a little excess weight, our self esteem is given a boosted not to mention the improvement in our general well being. Most of us, even if we are only slightly over weight, would prefer to shed those pounds now to prevent the inevitable increase of more weight. Although eager to obtain results quickly, we need to be sensible and approach our diet with caution. The last thing we need is to embark on a journey which may cause damage or stress, thus endangering our general health and well being. A doctor or dietitian may well be able to advise on a suitable weight loss programme for us, especially if we have any outstanding health problems (diabetes for example).

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Intuition and common sense play a key part in helping us shed the pounds, quickly, easily and safely.

Many factors contribute to our weight loss success.

A) Balancing Nutrients.

Calorie intake, exercise and ensuring vitamins, minerals and all the nutrients required, are all present in our diet to maintain our bodily functions and to keep us in good general health. Although it is possible to include additional supplements and vitamins to boost our nutrients, if we eat healthy vitamin and nutrient enriched foods, there really should be no need.

Some of us lead a more active life than others but extra exercise can help us all burn off those calories. Some of us may have mobility problems or other health issues, so a doctor may be able to reassure you of how much or little exercise you should do. Even if we can only manage a brisk walk daily, it all helps to burn off those calories. For those of us that are reasonably active and fit, a more advanced programme can be achieved. A regular workout with increasing length and intensity not only burns off the calories but our body will not only firm up but the shape will also be improved.

B) Why Hurry?

Many weight loss plans shower us with promises of miracle results. Why try to lose 7-14 pounds in a week? The more healthy option of a balanced healthy diet, combined with a sensible exercise routine is by far the best route to take. Of course our weight loss may be more modest, but we are not in danger of upsetting the complex and delicate balance of our body. We can achieve a sensible and healthy weight loss with a little patience and of course we have to be mentally focused.

C) Our Bodies Know Best.

Our body will soon let us know if we are abusing it in any way. Even though it is in our best interest to loose weight, we do not want to achieve this at the cost of causing damage in any way. If our diet is making us feel ill, sick or tired, it is our body telling us something is not right. A revue of our exercise programme may be necessary if we are feeling pain or have low energy levels. We all know our own body capabilities and the well being of our body should not be compromised. Needless to say we are sure to encounter a little discomfort, whether it is due to our diet or our exercise regime but we should not be expected to endure pain on our road to a natural weight loss.

D) Fight Fat With Fibre.

Fibre in our diet is a must as it has so many healthy, beneficial functions within the diet. Too little fibre in our diet can cause us to feel sluggish and bloated. More fat is stored within the body and our digestive system slows down, often resulting in constipation when we do not introduce fibre into our diet.

A good fibre intake aids digestion and slows down the storage of fat. Waste is more easily eliminated from the body, relieving bloating and sluggishness in the digestive tract.

E) Try Cutting Down On Fats.

If possible elimination of fats is to be encouraged, although fats such as the monounsaturated ones such as in olive oil, and rich omega polyunsaturated ones found in oily fish such as sardines, mackerel and salmon are good. These fats can actually help burn off excess fat and help us feel full and much more satisfied for longer.

F) Water The Best Hydration.

Water is the best way to keep our bodies hydrated. By replacing our coffee and tea intake with water we will be helping our bodies lose more weight. Caffeine is known to aid the body in fat storage by reducing the sugar processing within the body, causing it to be stored in the form of fat. Water also helps us feel full and is good for keeping our skin hydrated, helps with our digestive system as well as having a detoxifying effect within our body. By drinking plenty of water we will be helping our weight loss considerably. Almost all diets stipulate a high water intake.

G) Keep In The Right Frame Of Mind.

Depression, boredom, anxiousness and unhappiness can all have a negative effect on our eating habits. Some of us eat as a comfort thing during times of stress or anxiousness. Others of us may find that the thought of eating during these times can be abhorrent. If we are happy with our lives in general we will have a much more positive mentality, resulting in a will to succeed. A good frame of mind will help prevent us giving way to those cravings and can only be beneficial in enforcing our healthy eating and work out routine. Being in this positive state of mind can only promote quick and easy weight loss.

There is no way one particular factor will be paramount in effecting rapid weight loss. We have to be realistic. To improve our lifestyle, and lose those unwanted pounds is not easy and the weight will not vanish magically. A good frame of mind, a healthy balanced diet, a manageable exercise routine and we will be rewarded with the desired results.

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