I Have Hit a Weight Loss Plateau - How to Overeat and Overcome Your Weight Loss Plateau (This Works)

I have hit a weight loss plateau are the words that all those dieting fear they will one day say. Learning how you can overcome this hurdle was once a mystery but not any more. Studies done have discovered how your hormones can influence fat and inch loss so now we know how to kick start your weight into coming off again. Another thing too, you will absolutely love this solution!

~ I Have Hit A Weight Loss Plateau Solution ~

What used to happen was that as you hit your plateau in your fat loss programme and your scales wouldn't budge, you would have cut back on your calories even more. Even starving yourself and feeling more hungry in the process. Sure, this may have meant a little bit more weight coming off but it also was setting you up big time for yet another plateau and a halt in your progress causing massive frustration. Most of the traditional diets out there have you continually lower your food and calorific intake so you can keep losing.

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As well as being totally ineffective it is really no way to live your life. Lets explain what was happening. As you eat less and less food a hormone named leptin will send a message to your body fearing a famine. So your systems natural reaction to that is to slow your metabolism down. Because your metabolism is what causes you to burn fat and inch loss you are just going to continually hit weight loss plateaus.

Here's how to overcome and even prevent having a weight loss plateau.

The solution to the problem is to cheat or what we call overeat one day of every week.

How does this work? Well, by sticking strictly to your programme 6 days of the week and then overeating on the 7th day you are sending a message to the hormone leptin. That message is that you are allowing your body plenty of food so in turn it kick starts your metabolic rate into fat burning high gear mode again.

Be aware that on your cheat 7th day you may have an experience of an increase in water weight due to the carbs. However, studies prove that by the end of the following week you will have lost weight again and overcome your plateau. So the answer is to consistently overeat on the 7th day of every week and this will keep your fat burning and inch loss metabolism on a consistent high. Then you will no longer have to say those dreaded "I have a hit a weight loss plateau" words ever again!

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