Extreme Weight Loss Solutions - What You Need to Consider Before Getting Into One

Is it possible to drop five pounds a day? What do you have to do to slim down before the next bikini season? Atkins diet, South beach and DASH diet are some popular extreme weight loss solutions. But do you really need to try everything just to achieve satisfactory results? Here are a few considerations to check before diving into one.

How do these extreme weight loss solutions work in your body?

Most radical diet methods use dietary supplements and pills, which are found to contain certain drugs for the heart. It targets the central nervous system by mimicking adrenalin (hormone), which enhances the heart rate. This jump start in heart rate stimulates your brain from 'taking in' more food.

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What are the effects of these crash diets in your body?

Crash diets can cause serious health problems -- particularly for your heart. Most of these are circled on detox and low-calorie diets. Research showed that drastic decrease in your weight causes your metabolism to 'haywire', thus creating an imbalance in your body. As a defense mechanism, sending signals to your brain to eat more than you should.

Furthermore, side effects like palpitations, dehydration and heart attack (in serious cases) are not unusual for these diet pills and supplements. Drastic changes in diet deprive your body of essential nutrients needed for optimum function.

Most of these extreme weight loss solutions usually prevent absorption of micronutrients. Although your body stores fat due to excess calories, this doesn't meet dietary requirements for daily function. An investigation from Food and Drug Administration showed 60 deaths had already occurred due to liquid protein diets alone.

Health experts showed crash diets ('very low calorie diets') lacks potassium, copper and magnesium. This is the reason why most people with this diet plans have higher risks for heart rhythm irregularities and heart attack. However the true extent of these risks still needs further investigation.

Are there any benefits to these extreme weight loss solutions?

Despite its hazardous methods, crash dieting may benefit obese clients. With careful monitoring from health care providers, you can lose weight in less time possible.

If you're planning to take this course, you need to see your doctor first. They will be the ones to assess if your body is fit for it. Then your doctor or nutritionist may provide a certain diet for you to follow.

What's the best way to lose weight without worries then?

As indicated time and again, the natural way is always safe. An average of 1 to 2 pounds per week is desirable. Motivation and drive are two factors you need for this to work. Write down the reasons why you should lose weight and your goals along with it. This helps in planning your weight loss goals, especially in the long run.

There are reliable diet programs available that are safe and natural. Most of these diets are focused in changing your food choices (or creating alternative food selections), lifestyle, exercise and improve health perspective. A series of life coaches and health trainers are available to guide you to safe diet methods.

These extreme weight loss solutions may have life-threatening effects if you lose weight instantaneously. The natural and healthy method to lose weight may be your best choice and everything starts with foundation. Diet modifications and exercise should be priority and everything follows as you go along.

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