Rapid Weight Loss Secrets - 5 Proven Tips You Can Apply Now For Super Fast Weight Loss

Genuine rapid weight loss secrets are sometimes hard to find with all the hype and information overload available today. Once you are seriously motivated to lose your weight you want to find out what really works, not waste your valuable time on the latest fad dieting techniques. In this article we will cover 5 proven tips that will jump start both your fat and inch loss so you can continue to melt fat faster.

Please take a couple of minutes to read on and get yourself off to a flying start.

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~ Rapid Weight Loss Secrets ~

Tip # 1. The Timing Of Nutrition - Once you can learn how to eat by your body's natural energy needs you can then increase your calorie burning power and decrease your fat making. By timing when you consume your carbs so that your body will use them for energy by eating them early in the day. Instead of eating potatoes, pasta, bread and rice in the evening which is a time you don't need the energy from these foods.

Tip # 2. Keeping A Daily Journal - It's really important to keep a daily and accurate record of your food and drink intake. This will totally eliminate any guess work and avoid your mindless eating habits. Studies have proven that this can in fact help you to double your weight loss.

Tip # 3. Eat Protein Every Meal - Protein has massive benefits to your fat loss programme. It will keep you fuller for longer than fats or carbs will. Also by eating protein consistently you are holding on to your valuable muscle mass while your fat melts off. The more muscle mass you can keep the faster your metabolism will be when you achieve your weight loss goal. This in turn will help you manage your weight instead of putting it all back on again.

Tip # 4. Stop Drinking Sugary Drinks - Flavoured coffee drinks and sodas are loaded with sugars that just put weight on super fast. Replace them with water (8 - 12 glasses per day) or a healthy fat burning green tea.

Tip # 5. Exercise Twice A Day - This is a rapid weight loss secret that is normally kept secret by celebrities and professional athletes. The power of this is that your metabolism gets a double fat burning boost both morning and evening. You will start to burn fat in your sleep as your metabolic rate is boosted for hours after a good exercise programme.

These are 5 rapid weight loss secrets you can start to apply now. If you are seriously ready to lose weight and inches then put these tips into your daily routine for amazing results.

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