How to Break a Plateau in Weight Loss - Proven Tip to Kickstart Your Low Carb Weight Loss Plateau

Has your weight loss suddenly plateaued? Are you looking for ways on how to break a plateau in weight loss? This article will show you how.

~ How To Break A Plateau In Weight Loss ~

One of the best ways to overcome a low carbohydrate fat loss plateau is to add a WEEKLY high carbohydrate meal. I know, this might like an unusual thing to do at first. But please trust me on this one. Once you understand how your body adapts to your low carb diet over time, you have to change things a little in order to continue to lose weight. Your body is totally amazing in lots of ways and one of those is how easily it can adapt to a new eating routine.

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You are more than likely feeling extremely frustrated if you started a low carb diet, lost weight very quickly and now it has stopped coming off. Lets stop your frustration by explaining how this can happen and how consuming MORE carbs in a specific way can get your weight & inch loss coming off once again. As you consistently eat both low carb and low calorie your body will release hormones that can act as a warning to tell your brain that there is less food coming in.

Seeing as your brain and body cannot comprehend this, it is just concerned about survival. Therefore it slows down your metabolic rate so that you won't burn up all of your stored energy (ie: your fat). The thing to do is find a good balance between consuming low carb foods and also keeping your metabolism going. Both case studies & research show that one of the best ways on how to break a plateau in weight loss is to diet very strictly for 6 days of the week, then on the 7th day add in a HIGH carbohydrate meal.

What happens is that this one meal is more than enough to re - ignite your fat burning metabolism. Yes, low carb eating habits are without doubt very effective for shifting those unwanted pounds but you must still work with your bodies natural systems.

So this is how to break a plateau in weight loss effectively. Apply this tip consistently to keep momentum going in achieving your fat loss goal. We also recommend that you continually learn more about exercise, eating plans and nutrition. This is the key to a lifetime of weight loss and weight management.

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