HGH Weight Loss

Achieving HGH weight loss may be as simple as waiting another hour before eating

A number of different hormones can help you with your hgh weight loss goals, and I have worked to manage most of them throughout my fitness career. But in terms of getting the best results for your efforts, one hormone works hardest for you: human growth hormone.

A Quick Overview of HGH

You likely know what human growth hormone is, but just in case you don't, here is a quick summary: HGH is a hormone that your body produces naturally. When HGH is working with insulin it helps build up muscles. However, when insulin is not present, the role of HGH switches to releasing stored fat to be used as energy. When I learned about changing the role of HGH, I began to understand how to use it for weight loss. By manipulating your hormone environment, you trigger your body to release free fatty acids into your bloodstream, which gives you more energy and more weight loss.

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A Strategy I Use to Help My Body Use HGH for Weight Loss

Have you noticed that sometimes you seem to hit a weight loss wall while other times you have great momentum and keep losing and losing? This strategy will help you stay in the fat-burning mode longer so that you can maintain your momentum. What you do is create windows of time throughout your day when your HGH is in fat-burning mode. When you are burning fat instead of storing fat you will keep your weight loss momentum and even increase it. The most important thing that I will show you is how to flip the switch so that your HGH moves from storage to fat-burning mode. Once HGH starts releasing fat for fuel, your weight loss goes into turbo drive. It's easy: you just need to know what to do.

Start with the basics - eat a typical lower carb, lower fat meal

The reason you want a lower carb meal is to avoid a large insulin spike that will lengthen the amount of time you are in "storage" mode. Here is the HGH science made simple. After you eat and your blood sugar begins to rise, your body releases insulin into your bloodstream for nourishing muscles...and then nourishing fat cells if you ate too many calories. When the insulin starts working, your body releases growth hormone and the levels of insulin and blood sugar start to fall. At this point the role of growth hormone is to work with insulin to build up muscle protein. This role is facilitated by remaining insulin in your blood.

Now On to the Advanced Stuff About HGH

With the basics out of the way we can move into the stuff that very few people know about HGH. This is the important part that will show you how to use your natural HGH for weight loss.

After about three hours, when the insulin begins to disappear from your bloodstream, the role of growth hormone changes to releasing your body's stored fat so that it can be burned as fuel. Most people don't get to this point because they eat something every three hours. When they eat, they go back to the beginning of the cycle, the "storage" mode. Your HGH is either being used for storage or fat burning, never both, so when you switch back to "storage" you are losing valuable fat burning time. All you have to do is wait to eat another hour and you get a window of fat burning where your HGH is focused on releasing fat for fuel. This is the key to HGH weight loss.

A Mistake I Was Making

I was using small snacks to curb my appetite. I couldn't believe it when I learned just how few carbs you need to cause an insulin spike and bring your fat burning to a screeching halt. As few as 20 grams of carbs will do the trick - a piece of toast! This is why it is so important to make sure you don't eat or snack at all during the four hours after you eat.

The Bottom Line for HGH Weight Loss

To get your body to turbo charge your weight loss, you want to create the hormonal environment where your body is able to use HGH to breakdown stored fat and use it to give you energy. You need to use your understanding of science to make you different from so many others who don't allow their body to progress into this phase and miss this window of weight-loss opportunity after every meal.

The key is to let your body run through its processes for the right amount of time without the interruption of more food. For success, all you have to do is give your body four hours between meals to create the conditions it wants. Your hgh weight loss reward is more energy and a younger more vibrant look.

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