Fast Effective Weight Loss - Lose 10 Pounds? Work Out? Easy - Or They SHOULD Be

To Lose 10 Pounds, Exercise Should Be Easy!

If exercise hurts or sounds uninteresting, if you are hungry and tired even after you have eaten, if you have low energy, if you crave foods you know are bad for you, if you have already tried to lose 10 pounds or to lose 30 pounds to no avail, if you cannot seem to find the fast effective weight loss program that is going to work, maybe the problem is not you or your will power. Maybe the problem is your insulin levels. Maybe something has gone wrong with your body's ability to control its weight. Maybe there is a failure in your body's mechanisms that shuts off your appetite and make you feel high energy.

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Why People Struggle to Lose Weight

The latest research is showing that people get fat and struggle to lose pounds when their brains cannot perceive Leptin. Leptin is released by fat cells when the body has extra food to let the brain know the body has enough of what it needs. When the brain reads Leptin in the blood stream, it sends a signal that we are not hungry, and, if we have more fat stored than we need, it cranks up the metabolism and makes us feel good. Leptin makes us get busy and be happy about it. The result is fast effective weight loss and a return to our normal weight, the lean, mean weight we are meant to have.

When the brain does not perceive Leptin, it sends the message that the body is still hungry, starving in fact, so the body feels sluggish, tired, un-energetic, and hungry. Diets that increase Leptin fail, so adding more Leptin will not work when the body is blind to it. Dr. Lustig has discovered that decreasing the insulin level helps remove the Leptin blindness. In fact, he speculates that high insulin may be the cause of obesity.

Were You Poisoned into Being Fat?

So what creates high levels of insulin? Some people, about 20 percent of the population according to Dr. Lustig, are high insulin secretors. Their bodies make too much insulin, over-reacting if you will to carbohydrate consumption. Others get there through high fructose corn syrup, sugar, and refined carbohydrates. High fructose corn syrup, sugar, and refined starches have the curious effect of increasing insulin levels and creating Leptin blindness in the brain.

High fructose corn syrup was originally thought to be the panacea to diabetics, because it does not increase blood sugar levels. Instead, it is metabolized by the liver. More recent studies suggest that the liver responds to high fructose corn syrup in a toxic manner, decreasing the livers sensitivity to insulin so that the pancreas over produces insulin. The mechanisms are different, but the end result for sugar and refined starch is the same for high fructose corn syrup. Thus, high fructose corn syrup, low fiber sugar, and low fiber starch create Leptin blindness in the brain.

Do You Want Your Natural Energy and Natural Weight Loss Back?

A fast effective weight loss program that helps people to lose 10 pounds or to lose 25 pounds is a weight loss program that decreases insulin levels. The natural way to do that is through a conscientious insulin reduction diet and exercise program. No exercise program will burn so many calories that a person can lose 10 pounds in a week or lose 10 pounds a week. You have to [exercise type] for [minutes] to burn off [small quantity of common carb food]. But what kind of exercise you do and what kind of food you eat DOES make a big difference in how much insulin you produce. To lose 10 pounds or to lose 50 pounds, the exercise program and weight loss program must support a reduction in insulin for fast effective weight loss.

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