The Truth About Fast Weight Loss - Is It Safe and Effective?

Fast weight loss diets have probably been around since some early cave-dweller looked at her bulging belly and thought, "If I don't get rid of this fat immediately, no man is going to want to knock me over the head and drag me back to his cave!" Although evidence has proven that quick "fad" diets often result in temporary weight loss, people continue to search for the Holy Grail of dieting -- a miracle diet that is both ultra-fast and healthy.

Boost Your Metabolism

Unfortunately, there is no mega-fast way to take the weight off and still be healthy. But there are very real techniques you can use to speed up your weight loss rate without risking your health with fad diets.

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Do you think you are taking in too many calories? The problem might be that you're not taking in enough. Years of yo-yo dieting slows down the metabolism by about 30%. To get it back on track, you'll need to take in a high enough number of calories to power your BMR, or your basal metabolic rate.

BMR calculators can be found on the internet. It's an easy way to learn exactly the number of calories you need per day. People who exercise or do a lot of physical labor will need more. Try to get most of your calories from lean protein, whole grain foods, nuts (including nut oils and nut butters), fruits and veggies.

Don't freak out if you gain some weight at first; your metabolism needs time to catch up. Once spending a few weeks or a month taking in the right amount of calories, your metabolism will pep up and the weight will fall away.

You will be able to lose at least one pound every seven days by adhering to a healthy diet, or two or more pounds every seven days if you add exercise as well.

Exercise is Key

Most fast weight loss diets don't include any form of physical exercise. They recommend losing weight by eating very little. While fasting or eating very little can produce a quick weight reduction, the pounds will return when you return to a regular eating. Additionally, fast weight loss diets don't provide the same health benefits as eating right and exercising.

Experts concur that the top workout routines have both cardio and strength training. Is your life stressful? You should also think about Yoga. It is recommended to get 3-5 hours per week of cardio, and 1-2 hours of strength training are enough to affect your body shape.

Exercise produces myriad health benefits. It will improve your mood, it will help you sleep more soundly, it will get you strong and lean, and improve your flexibility. It also protects your heart and helps you avoid metabolic disorders like type 2 diabetes. These are advantages that fast weight loss diets cannot offer.

Starvation is not Effective
The tabloids are full of stories of movie stars who used some freaky-sounding fad diet to lose tons of weight in no time. What we don't hear about is the aftermath: Those same people gained back all the weight immediately when they ended their unhealthy quick weight loss programs.

The trendy or too-god-to-be-true quick weight loss diet is something you should stay away from at all costs. At best, you'll wind up tired, hungry, grouchy, dehydrated, and weighing more than you did before you began your diet. At worst, you could injure your metabolism, in which case it will be impossible to lose weight even when you eat very little.

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