How to Achieve Your Own Weight Loss Breakthrough

Many people get stuck on the weight loss/weight gain roller coaster because of a struggle related to living a healthy lifestyle. Eating healthier foods and participating in regular exercise should become a way of living and not a means to an end for weight loss.

The problem with temporarily eating a healthy diet and exercising for the sole purpose of losing weight is that the motivation which was able to keep you committed to your weight loss regimen quickly gets overturned by your unconscious habits and desires. The truth is that your will power can only carry you so far before you begin reverting back to your old self-sabotaging habits.

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You may have been wondering where your weight loss breakthrough lies. Your weight loss breakthrough lies in the very area where you are experiencing your greatest struggle. Do you struggle with eating junk food and/or overeating? Do you find yourself loathing the thought of exercise? Does your sweet-tooth constantly trip you up? Wherever your greatest struggle lies, that is where your breakthrough also lies.

Take Charge and Obtain Your Breakthrough

My greatest challenge used to be eating healthier foods. I never had too much of a problem with overeating or exercising regularly. My weakness was junk food and fast food. The thought of eating vegetables used to make me cringe. But I realized that my weight loss breakthrough lied in incorporating more vegetables, fruits, and whole grains into my diet.

Once I identified my greatest struggle, I began working toward the breakthrough. By this time I was already well aware that my mind was a powerful force and I could use it to change my habits. I began taking steps to change my perceptions towards eating healthier foods, which would enable me to change my self-destructive eating habits.

If you are also searching for your weight loss breakthrough, here are a series of steps to take to identify it and then achieve it:

Identify your greatest weight loss struggle; this is where your breakthrough will lie. Assess your attitude and mindset regarding that struggle. Change your mind on purpose. Shift the way you feel about that struggle by changing the way you think about it. For example: In order to change how I felt about eating vegetables, I had to change the way I perceived them. I began to open myself up to the possibilities of loving the taste of vegetables. Doing this led me to try a different variety of vegetables prepared a variety of different ways. Vegetables are now a requirement for every meal and I actually love the way they taste! Experiment, experiment, experiment. There is no one way of doing things. Open yourself up to new experiences and opportunities.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not synonymous with self-deprivation. In fact, living a healthy lifestyle opens you up to a much bigger world. People who eat healthy and exercise regularly have a tremendous amount of energy; they are focused and alert; and they feel self-confident and in control of their lives. They also look and feel much younger than their less-healthy counterparts.

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