Losing Weight - 4 Steps to Successful Weight Loss

Are you someone who struggles with weight loss? If so, you probably know that nutrition is important, but starting any form of weight loss programme by simply cutting right down on your food intake is never going to be successful. Unfortunately, this simply deprives the body itself of nutrition and rather than triggering weight loss, this will cause weight retention and sometimes will even result in weight gain.

So, up until now, what methods have you tried, to lose excess weight? Cutting right back on overall food intake? Had a go at some of those fad diets or pills that are supposed to help you lose weight? Various exercise routines in place of a realistic weight loss plan?

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If you have tried all these methods without success, the reason is that there is more to it than that!

Here is the combination of 4 things that you need, to achieve successful and sustained weight loss:

- Adequate nutrition, that does not include fatty, junk, or sweet foods

- A regular exercise routine,that increases your body's normal demands for energy

- Breathing exercises that also burn energy, to encourage further weight loss

- And finally, following your plan consistently

Achieving safe, successful weight loss without adequate nutrition is highly unlikely and unfortunately, though things like junk food might give you a short term energy boost, all they actually do for you is to add weight.

So, here are some realistic methods to help you to achieve weight loss;

Nutrition: Choose non-fatty foods, to help maintain the correct nutrient levels required by your body. Without them, it will store, internally, the food that it does get, almost as a survival tactic. To avoid this happening, look for low or no-fat foods, eat a regular amount of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat (chicken or salmon as opposed to red meat), and also some calcium rich foods, such as low fat cheese and skimmed milk. Most supermarket products now have their nutritional contents displayed on their food labels, just take the time to look.!

Exercise: Design a practical workout that suits you and practice it for at least 20 minutes a day. Remember, if it is exercise that you enjoy, this will help to keep you motivated. Walking, swimming and cycling are all excellent exercises to help with weight loss. Even if you have a busy schedule, you could try and park your car one street further from your destination than is normal, or get off your chosen form of public transport one stop earlier and walk! By doing this one thing alone, you will have started on your routine and gain a new sense of achievement, every day. Also, by eating a sensible, nutritious snack before you set off, you will have enough energy to begin and will burn it off during your exercise.

Deep Breathing: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, your arms at your sides. As you breathe in deeply, raise your hands to your chest. Hold the breath and your hands in that position for 5 seconds, then let your breath out as you lower your hands. Repeat this 5 times, several times throughout the day and this will help you to be calm and focussed and also actually help your body to burn more energy.

Consistency : A weight loss and nutrition plan combined with an exercise routine will definitely help you to lose weight, but only if you follow it consistently. You may find that you lose a bit of weight after your first week or so, but if you waver from your plan, or try and cheat on your meals, then it will just reappear, having the opposite effect.

One final tip is to eat 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day, rather than the normal 3 big meals, avoiding eating within four hours of your bedtime. The body's processes slow down at the end of the day and doing this can cause indigestion. But, did you know that not only can this interrupt your sleep pattern, but can, even as you sleep, actually cause you to gain weight?

By following this set of suggestions for weight loss you will undoubtedly achieve the positive results that you have been looking for, it's just a matter of tying them all together, and keeping at it.

I actually began following this method when, upon visiting my doctor for various tests, due to constant tiredness and lack of energy, i discovered that i had a very high cholesterol level. After using the methods above for a couple of months, not only was my cholesterol level down, but i was fitter and slimmer than before and felt happier in myself too. It works!

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