Goals Setting For Weight Loss

Most people go through a process of trial and error and one day they wake up and say "this is where I need to be" and they set an intention or resolution to lose weight by a set date. This is setting a goal.

Goals need to be precise and they need to be measurable. Application and execution is what counts when it comes to setting a goal. This is the difference between setting a goal and achieving a goal.

Ultimately all goals setting and planning is a hypothetical guess but you are basing it on a well educated decision. You are taking facts, figures, historical records into consideration and you work them into your weight loss plan. What you will find is some dead lines you will get to quicker and others will take longer but, you will never know until you get into the task of losing weight and start implementing your plan.

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These are just a few goals to help you get started with your weight loss plan.

1. Cleanse your body.
A good Whole Body Cleanse will clean out toxins, parasites, poisons and rejuvenate your body. Cleaning (also know as detoxifying) your kidneys, liver, colon and skin will help prepare your body for your weight loss. Your digestive process will work better and you will feel and look healthier. If you have never cleansed before, then a 10 day cleanse would be ideal. Starting on a weekend or on your day off would be advisable. Some people do experience headaches.

2. Buy and follow a good weight loss plan.
A weight loss plan that helps you control your sugar intake should be a top priority. Research has shown that sugar is the enemy when it comes to your weight. By controlling your sugar intake, you will lose weight faster.

3. Buy the right vitamins and supplements.
Do not buy sugar coated vitamins. Spend a little more and buy quality vitamins. A good weight loss plan will help you with what to take, when to take it and how much.

4. Keep a lot of vegetables in your home.
Pre-cut your vegetables for a quick snack. A lot of diet plans allow you to have nuts, yogurt and Jell-O which are great treats. Depending on the weight loss plan, fruits might not be allowed at the beginning but, will be integrated over time.

5. Cut down or cut out your TV viewing.
Negative news and shows have a negative impact on you. Therefore, expose yourself to positive programs, music, books or funny videos. Anything that works in harmony with you.

6. Find a picture of the body you want to have.
Find one in a magazine or have a picture on your computer desktop at home. Keep it in a place where you can see it often.

7. Make time to exercise.
Incorporate exercise into everyday tasks. Such as parking further when you go shopping and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Exercise a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week.

8. Set your weight goal.
Write down what your ideal weight is. Do not write down that you want to lose for example 50lbs. Never empower weakness. Losing something has a negative connotation to it and you want to keep your weight loss positive.

Ultimately, planning is one instrument that allows you to identify obstacles, challenges and difficulties and empowers you to create some kind of a road map based on milestones and measurements over a given period of time.

Having written goals along with the right weight loss plan will create a long lasting positive change in your life.

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