Weight Loss Blogs Offer Connection and Support

There are thousands of weight loss blogs in the Internet and just like forums, these websites more than anything else offer a great opportunity to connect with another human being going through the same experiences as you.

Nobody can really understand how it feels to struggle with weight unless they fought the same insecurities, self-esteem issues, cravings and alienation from a very insensitive society. Nothing is more irritating than people offering unsolicited advice on how to lose weight while pretending to understand your situation when they possessed muscular and fit bodies all their lives.

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But weight loss blogs are hardly worthwhile if they offer no tangible knowledge that would be of help to your objective of ridding the excess poundage. Fortunately, the information and tips you can read (or see when it comes to video blogs) are worth the extra time you think you waste by logging in.

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What you won't find, however, are generic diet tips and general exercise lessons being peddled as a cure-all for obesity. Any person who struggled with weight can tell you that everybody has different metabolisms and reactions to whatever food they take. Some may thrive with the all-carb diet while some will instead gain weight; some may find eating in small portions to be effective, while only resulting to a bum stomach for others; some attest to the Southbeach diet (which limits the consumption of dairy or starchy foods) while others reject it as a wash.

With thousands of weight loss blogs out there, the statistics are in your favor of finding somebody in a similar circumstance and personality profile as you.

Most of these blogs are personal accounts of people who have bottomed out because of their weight and succeeded to overcome their large problem; or journals of people who are in the process of shedding off some pounds.

You can trace their journey from their weight loss blogs at the beginning and maybe follow their tracks from the crumbs of wisdom that fall along the way, or you can join them on their journey to self-discovery and provide emotional support in the process.

If, after visiting all the weight loss blogs, all else fails-at least you would have gained friends.

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