Weight Loss Tea for Weight Loss

Drinking tea is popular as one of the most natural and effective ways of losing weight. The benefits of weight loss tea for weight loss is amazing that more and more people use drink them every day. Not only can tea bring benefits for fat loss, but it also contains ingredients that can promote overall health including tannins, polyphenols, amino acids, catechins and flavonoids.

How does tea help in weight loss? There are actually a few ways:

1. Losing weight through thermogenesis. Herbal tea, such as green tea, can help stimulate thermogenesis or faster metabolism. It helps convert fat and carbohydrates to energy and heat at a much faster rate. As your metabolic rate increases, the more calories you burn and the better your chances of losing weight.

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2. Losing weight by burning of fat. Tea contains natural fat burning abilities that can increase oxidation of fat.

3. Losing weight by inhibiting fat absorption. Catechins found in tea prevent the conversion of glucose into stored fat.

4. Losing weight by glucose regulation. Tea is also known to act as glucose regulator. It can help control the rise in blood sugar during meals to prevent insulin spikes. Excessive insulin leads to fat storage and inhibit proper burning of fat; tea can keep this under control so you lose body fat and not gain more.

Recommended Daily Intake of Tea

How much tea should you take to achieve good results? Generally, for weight loss purposes, drinking 3 to up to 5 cups of green tea every day is enough to produce significant, noticeable results. It has been found in many research studies that drinking this amount can help burn 70 extra calories per day. Regardless, this amount does not really come close to burning 500 calories, which the amount needed to lose at least a pound per week. But it does amount to something, considering that tea is a beverage you can conveniently drink with food.

What ingredients in green tea can help you lose weight? There are quite a few actually. Caffeine, which is richly found in tea, can stimulate the nervous system and also promote fat burning. EGCG, a powerful catechin polyphenol, is said to increase the rate of fat burning capability of caffeine by as much as 50%.

Other Health Benefits of Tea
- Not only is tea useful for weight loss, but it also brings a wide range of health benefits including:
- Increasing antioxidant levels in the body
- Protecting the body against certain cancers
- Increasing one's life expectancy
- Protecting the skin from the harmful UV radiation from the sun

Weight Loss Tea for Losing Weight - A Conclusion

Drinking tea is an excellent option you want to lose weight naturally. It is surely not a substitute for proper balanced diet and exercise, but it sure can work wonders if complemented. From today onwards, make sure to drink at least 5 cups of tea and enjoy its many health benefits, not only for weight loss, but for longevity and overall health as well.

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