What is the Secret to Successful Weight Loss?

Many of us have tried numerous weight loss plans and have failed. The reason that most of us failed is that there is not one size fits all when it comes to losing weight. This misconception is one of the reasons that the weight loss companies are making so much money, they know we will fail, and will try something else.

We can stop this merry go round, and finally achieve the weight loss goals that we seek. We simply need the correct information. With the correct information, we can increase the happiness in our life, increase self-esteem and raise the quality of our life.

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The information we need

There are four aspects of our life that need to be changed to lose weight and keep it off. Just in case it hasn't hit you yet let it be clear, weight loss is a lifestyle change. We will change what we do so that we can change how we look and feel.

The four aspects are, what to eat and when, how to eat and why, behavior and activity level, and lastly mental attitude and discipline. Each aspect works with the other to result in permanent weight loss.

Tips to change your life

Set realistic goals. The ability to focus on the task at hand will always be successful, to only focus on giant goals far in the future will result in a long hard road, and we want to have fun. So keep the giant goal for later and set smaller goals that you can achieve easily, like lose one pound at a time and eat a balanced diet every day.

Stay on track and if you fall off get right back on. Start with the sensible eating, and if you cannot resist and attack a large plate of food, forgive yourself and restart your plan where you left off. Stay with it, and soon you will no longer have those food attacks, and will be a slimmer you.

Listen to your body. Each person's body reacts differently to different weight loss plans, so you may have to try different plans to see which one will work for you. If one plan seems to not be working, then substitute for a different program. Whatever you do, just do not quit and you will succeed.

The same goes for your exercise program. To get the most weight loss the activity must be suitable to one's body. To ask a 500-pound woman to get off the couch and swim across the Atlantic would only end up in disaster. So find what is right for you. Just keep in mind that muscle looks far better than fat, so if you cannot seem to lose weight, then turn your fat into muscle.

A little self-discipline goes a long way, and is cheaper than pills and surgery for weight loss. Just change one little thing at a time, you do not have to try to change all your habits in one day. Consistent effort is the best practice, stick with the plan and depending on your effort, it will work sooner than later.

For that weight loss success, remember: Light dieting, the right workout, and the right amount of supplements everyday will result in faster weight loss than not doing anything.

Be Blessed

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