How to Practice Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

Most people wrestle with finding sustainable weight loss solutions over their entire lives. It's an ongoing battle for many of us. And no matter how much we are looking to lose, whether it be a significant amount of weight, such as 25 lbs or more, or just to rid our waistlines of those last 5 extra pounds, it's all many of us can think about it. A long term lifestyle management approach to weight loss has emerged that integrates both the foods you eat from a dieting perspective and the exercise you undertake to burn calories. The concept of performing yoga asanas for weight loss, which incorporates both strenuous and passive yoga poses, can be an effective element for weight control combined with a diet focused on natural foods. The primary goal is to work into a lifestyle change that supports an ongoing weight management method that can be sustained over time.

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Generally speaking most people don't think of yoga as a type of exercise routine that burns calories and supports weight loss. But it can. Many power forms of yoga, such as Ashtanga and Vinyasa for example, work the body out by focusing on the development of large scale muscle groups such as the legs, shoulders and back. Gentler yoga routines, like Hatha, can also be just as beneficial. Whatever yoga asanas for weight loss that you practice, they must be combined with a healthy diet that incorporates natural, whole foods. This approach works together with a regular yoga routine to achieve maximum weight loss. Most importantly, this also takes into account both the physiological and psychological components of eating, exercise and motivation for successful weight loss and ongoing weight management. And it does if for the long term.

Practicing Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

Yoga is a very easy exercise and physical fitness approach that anyone can start practicing. Aside from attending a local class or reading instruction books, there are now a wide variety of video examples you can view online. You do not need to go to a yoga studio to get started, although there is a benefit in attending an instructor lead class. It's also worth stating that yoga is a very low impact exercise so your body can get used to different yoga exercise routines at a comfortable pace. Here is some practical advice you can follow to begin incorporating yoga poses into a weight loss and exercise regimen:While practicing any yoga pose or asana focus on how you feel physically. Don't worry about having to "feel pain" to see results. Simply by starting yoga you can begin to feel positive body changes that starts you down the path of losing weight with exercise. Try as much as possible to be in the moment. Feel every movement you perform as this will get you into the process of actively listening to your body. Be aware of the places your muscles feel challenged and make sure not overly exert them. You want to push your muscles without hurting yourself. Listen to your body and rest when you are tired. Allow yourself to recover. This is often referred to as internal listening and is very beneficial in practicing yoga asanas for weight loss. The effort your are making is worthwhile so praise yourself for it. You can keep yourself motivated by acting as your own personal cheerleader. You are developing a better you. Yoga asanas can be practiced by all age groups over the long term. Regular practice also develops qualities like discipline, patience and self awareness, allowing you to develop both inside and out.

Diet Plays a Role in Yoga Asanas for Weight Loss

The other major component of any long term weight management approach is a diet that works in concert with exercise. Maintaining a regular workout is great but if you are not following a healthy diet and eating natural foods, no yoga asana routine will help you lose weight. On its own, a proper diet is very challenging for most people to embrace as part of their lifestyle routine. And there is so much competing advice about what makes for a good diet it complicates the goal of making weight loss more achievable. Never the less, those that focus on eating the right foods, preferably unprocessed whole foods, can dramatically increase safe and healthy weigh loss. This type of diet, when combined with a regular and consistent yoga routine, provides for long term weight management.

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