Weight Loss Secrets - The Grim Realities Exposed!

Weight loss is an emotional issue. We all search for the best weight loss secrets. We all want to achieve normal weight. We all want to look good. There are powerful emotions of self-esteem and self-worth at work here. Well, let me reveal one of the biggest weight loss secrets there is! People will take advantage of you because of the high emotions involved.

And not just individuals! Entire organizations and industries have been created in recent years to separate you from your money, by making false promises about diet supplements which pray on the emotions you feel as you try to achieve success at weight loss.

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Diet Supplements Are A Waste Of Money

Bear with me, and take a look at the labels on any of the so-called miracle diet supplements you may have purchased to help you reach your weight loss goals. Somewhere in the small print you will find a disclaimer that the product will work only if used in conjunction with appropriate diet and exercise!

Translating that statement for more accuracy reveals the biggest of the weight loss secrets. What they really mean is that you don't need their product at all. The only things you need are appropriate diet and exercise. If you have proper diet and exercise you will lose the weight you need to lose. Of course, if you use their diet supplement along with the diet and exercise you will still lose the weight. So they are not lying to you! But it is not their product that is causing you to lose the weight!

Instead, they are luring you to buy a useless product with lawyer-screened language that gets them off the hook for any legal liability about making false claims. Now you can understand why lawyers charge so much per hour!

Weight Loss Secrets That Are Common Sense

The biggest weight loss secrets are not secrets at all! They are all common sense. You don't need anything unnatural to get your body to natural or normal body weight. Indeed, it is all the unnatural stuff, like processed foods or lack of normal exercise, which have caused you to stray in the first place.

Eat Fresh, Unprocessed Foods: All the fat-burning power you need you can get naturally from fresh, unprocessed foods. Banish processed foods for good, and eat more fruit and vegetables. You can still eat lean meats. If you eat foods that are good for you, in healthy portions, your body will reward you.

Get Appropriate Exercise: You don't need to be a gym rat. You need to educate yourself about a healthy, whole-body exercise program that builds core strength to support your body. A proper whole-body routine a few times a week will burn all the fat you need to burn, as long as you've fueled your body with the right foods.

Hydration: Eight ounces of water, eight times a day, before eight pm! Lack of water makes you feel hungry and deprives your body of the ability to burn fat

Good Sleep Every Night: You need sleep, and with the right program you can be burning fat in your sleep. This helps you to relax also, and stress adds the pounds. So an essential element of your fat-burning routine is sleep (who knew it could be that easy!)

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