Weight Loss Secrets For Men Over 50

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, you're a heart attack waiting to happen-whatever the doctor told you-you know you've got to get those pounds off, pronto! You want to know--are there any weight loss secrets for men over 50?

Yes, you want, and really NEED to experience rapid weight loss because your life depends on it. You want that top-of-the-world feeling and lots of confidence. You're overweight and you're already in the high-risk category of developing diabetes and high blood pressure.

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This is why thousands of men search for an easy way to slim down. But should you adopt a rapid weight loss regimen? Before you start joining any dieting programs, check with your doctor first, and you've already done that.

To lose weight effectively, pay attention to what you eat, how you eat, your behavior and your activity level.

Here are nine tips for successful weight loss:

1. Adopt a diet plan that suits to your tastes and budget. You don't have to sign up for those weight loss programs that provide the food for you. In fact, you'd be better served to learn how to prepare the food yourself.

2. Exercise at least 15 minutes a day, such as brisk walking, running, swimming or dancing. Even doing chores around the house such as sweeping, vacuuming and mopping the floor (your wife would love that!) and washing the car are considered as exercises. Line dancing is also one of the best and more exciting ways to lose those calories! Just choose the ones you'd be more apt to do on a consistent basis. Consistency is key!

3. Set realistic goals. Baby steps help you reach your goals more effectively. Start with small changes in your food. Make bigger changes as you go along. Discipline and a positive mind-set yield that can-do spirit!

4. Listen to your body. Try different exercises or diet plans to see which suits your body best. For example, your body may not be able to take the rigors of aerobic workouts. It is comfortable with brisk walking. Hence, brisk walking may be more suitable. Work with your body, not against it, to see faster results.

5. Include more fiber in your diet. It makes you feel full longer. Fiber also aids digestion and elimination.

6. Keep away from fried and deep-fried foods. These are practically dripping with fat. Although fish and chicken appear leaner than beef, these white meats contain more fat than when fried than beef does. Go for grilled or broiled food as this contains less fat after cooking. Don't, however, avoid fat completely. Just use more healthy fat. Extra virgin olive oil is one of the good ones. Still, be conservative in the amount you use.

7. Drink at least six to eight glasses of water a day to keep your body hydrated. It also helps your body to eliminate body wastes more effectively. This is easily accomplished and there are a number of ways to do it. Keep a bottle of water near your workstation and remind yourself to drink a gulp or two periodically. Keep 5-oz paper cups near the water source and make yourself get up and drink two cups every once in a while. Keep a bottle of water in your car.

8. Last, but the most important: RESOLVE TO MAKE THIS YOUR NEW LIFESTYLE!! Rapid weight loss programs, crash diets and drastic exercises just bring about yo-yo weight loss creating more health problems than you resolve. Oftentimes, you put more weight back on than you ever took off. Over time, you could become obese.

9. Let's add one more-join a support group for encouragement AND accountability.

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