Rapid Weight Loss Is - It The Answer?

Rapid weight loss is achievable for everyone although it's not advisable as it is only a quick fix solution not a long term one. Any doctor or reputable dietician will tell you that losing weight gradually through a healthy diet and regular exercise is much better for you and your health, and they are right. Even so sometimes rapid weight loss seems to be the only option. Say for that holiday that has crept up on you and the bathing suit you need to wear or that wedding and you want to be a knock out in your dress. There are ways to achieve rapid weight loss, but remember sometimes the quicker you lose the weight the quicker you pile it back on again.

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A detox diet or a cleansing diet can be used as a way to start your rapid weight loss regime as it rapidly reduces your calorie intake and gets rid of any excess fluid in your body as well as removing toxins and poisons. The idea of a good detox diet is to eat and drink only pure and natural foods that work together with the body's own natural cleansing process.  You can drop a few kilos in a short period of time, but it is not a long term answer. These types of diets that severely restrict your food intake should only be done for 2 - 3 days at a time.

If you are serious about losing weight rapidly then you have no option but to severely restrict your calorie intake and what you eat for a few days. You would have to reduce your calorie intake to about 500 calories a day. With such severe restrictions your body will be in shock for a few days and the kilos will drop off, but it is not a good idea to do this for more than a few days because when you don't supply your body with a sufficient energy source you and your body finds it hard to function. To compensate your body tries to shut down some functions and goes into starvation mode where it tries to preserve whatever energy is left and your rapid weight loss is now at a standstill.

Intense cardio vascular exercise like cycling and running are another way to lose weight rapidly. Every diet should be done in conjunction with an exercise plan and wanting a rapid weight loss is no different, a couple of hours a day of high impact cardiovascular exercise will help you burn those calories fast. Just remember to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time you need to keep your calorie intake less than what you burn off, this takes a lot of determination and willpower so be prepared for some hard work.

There are many options out there for rapid weight loss, there are the detox diets, soup diets, diet pills, appetite suppressors, tablet's that help stop the body from absorbing fat and some that help increase your metabolic rate. Every rapid weight loss regime should be researched carefully as many only promote the benefit and forget to tell you about some of the side effects you may experience, like dizziness, mood swings, hunger, exhaustion and reduced energy and concentration levels. Rapid weight loss is only a very short term solution and is not the safest, as your body not only loses fat, but muscle as well and can result in nutrient deficiencies. For sustainable weight loss you should follow a sensible healthy well balanced diet with regular exercise, it will take time for the weight to come off but you have a better chance at keeping it off while  improving your overall health.

After extensive research I conclude that rapid weight loss is not the answer, I believe in utilising weight loss programs that promote  long term results.  To read more about a program I recommend Cick Here.

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