Fast Effective Weight Loss - The Old Way to Lose Weight Versus the New Way

Fast Effective Weight Loss Programs the Old Way

If one wanted to lose 10 pounds or lose 25 pounds 50 years ago, the prevailing philosophy in many households was stop eating sweets and bread. Sugar and starch were thought to be a significant source of weight gain and to interfere with people's attempts to lose 15 or even 50 pounds. Now recent medical findings indicate the old common beliefs about carbohydrates may be central to fast effective weight loss in any weight loss program.

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The Latest Information on How to Lose 10, 20, or 50 Pounds

Dr. Lustig has found evidence that too much insulin may be at the root of the weight gain problem and America's and Australia's obesity epidemics. When normal healthy adults who want or need to lose 25 or 30 pounds are treated in a manner that decreases their insulin levels, their carbohydrate consumption spontaneously and effortlessly decreased from 900 calories to 350 calories. Their exercise and energy levels increased. They had fast effective weight loss in a natural and effortless way.

Effective Weight Loss Programs: Why Do They Fail?

Dr. Lustig's research indicates that high insulin levels interfere with the message your fat cells send to your brain to tell it you have had enough to eat. The brain cannot receive the message, and, therefore, thinks the body is starving; it sends the message to eat more, do less, and feel lousy so that the body will conserve energy during this perceived famine. The fat cells do not know the brain is not getting the message, so it keeps storing fat stretching fat cells beyond capacity into larger than normal cells and making more fat cells when the ones in the body are full.

Cannot Lose the Fat? It is a Hostile Take Over.

The fat cells, especially the larger than normal fat cells, take on a life of their own. They try to stay full, perhaps because of the brains message that there is a famine and the body is starving. They compete with bone, muscle, blood, organs, and the rest of the body for the nutrients, hoarding the nutrients for their own. They are especially good at stealing protein away from muscles. People with significant weight issues, such as those needing to lose 30 pounds or needing to lose 50 pounds, or more, often have difficulty staying warm and suffer from malnutrition, because the fat cells are stealing nutrition.

Obese people, who have been dieting, often have less fat stored inside their fat cells than marathon runners! But they have many, many more fat cells than normal people, and each one is screaming to be full. Each one is competing for nutrients and sending a signal to the brain that they are starving. Interestingly, these fat cells characteristics persist in the cell even when the fat cell is removed from the body, indicating that the cell itself has changed in significant ways.

To Lose Weight, the Insulin Assault Must Stop

Decreasing insulin levels allow the brain to get the Leptin signal. The results are increased energy and a desire to be active, decreased carbohydrate consumption and calorie intake, and an increase in enjoyment, wellness, and feeling good. To decrease insulin levels in a natural way for fast effective weight loss, a good diet and exercise program needs to be adopted. But what is meant by a good diet and exercise program?

The answer to that question depends on how much you want to lose. Do you want to lose 5 pounds, or do you want to lose 10 pounds fast just for a special occasion? Do you want to lose 10 pounds in a week, or do you want to lose 10 pounds a week? Do you want to lose 30 pounds permanently? Or do you need to lose 50 pounds or more? How healthy are you otherwise? What does exercise feel like? Is it painful or is it just hard to get motivated? By understanding your body's conditions, you can choose the fast effective weight loss program and muscle-building, calorie-burning, exercise program right for your needs.

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