3 Different Weight Loss Plans - Low Carb Diets - Low Fat Diets - Detox Diets

There are many different choices in diets for weight loss. Some certainly work better than others, but the best diets for weight loss are always the ones you, personally, can stick to.

Fad diets are never a good idea, because they often leave you tired and feeling lousy, and they almost certainly don't offer a lifestyle you can stick to for any length of time. The best types of diets for weight loss help you make a long term lifestyle change; so that it's easier to keep the weight off once you've lost it.

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Low Carb Diets

Low carb diets, like the South Beach Diet and the Atkins Diet work on a unique diet principle. By eliminating simple carbohydrates like sugar and white flour, and limiting some other carbohydrates, they help to put your body in a state of ketosis, which ensures that it is burning fat for energy.

These diets for losing weight focus on eating lots of lean protein and non starchy vegetables like leafy greens, broccoli, zucchini and green beans. For the first two weeks, no fruits are allowed. After the two week induction period, you gradually add carbohydrates back to your diet in order to see what level your body can tolerate and still lose weight.

Even after you've finished losing weight, you should avoid simple carbohydrates to keep the weight from coming back. Many people report a weight loss of around ten pounds during the first two weeks.

Low Fat Diets

Low fat diets are really low calorie diets for weight loss. Because fats contain more calories per ounce than other food types, limiting your fats helps reduce your overall calorie intake.

On a low fat diet for weight loss, you'll choose the daily calorie intake level that is appropriate for your weight and the amount of weight you want to lose, and you'll also see how many of those calories should come from fat. You'll eat lots of fruits and vegetables. You'll also eat lean meats, but avoid anything that is very fatty or fried.

Detox Diets

Detox diets for losing weight are designed to help you lose a lot of weight quickly by cleansing your body of the toxins that can cause bloat, weight gain and a protruding stomach.

You will typically eat organic vegetables and fruits to minimize the chemicals you're ingesting. You'll also eat lots of high fiber foods to help increase your bowel movements, and you'll drink lots of water to help cleanse your liver and kidneys.

Some detox diets for weight- loss will also include supplements like acai berry cleanse products to speed up the removal of toxins. Beware of these as they are likely to cause some very uncomfortable side effects like diarrhea.

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