An Essential Ingredient for Weight Loss Success

As someone who loves food and cooking, I've recently begun thinking about weight loss using recipe terms.

There's no shortage of diets and weight loss plans to choose from. Have you strolled the "diet and weight loss" aisle at Border's or Barnes and Noble or some other big bookstore lately? There are hundreds of books all claiming to have the secret to solving your weight loss woes. (No wonder weight loss is a $60+ billion industry.) It's enough to make your head spin.

After decades of trial and error and contributing more than my fair share to the diet and weight loss industry, I've discovered that with most things in life, including weight loss, simpler is better. (Life is complicated enough without adding a bunch of unnecessary rules, regulations, requirements and restrictions.) That's why I've come up with what I consider The Best Recipe for Losing Weight. It's a simple approach with just three main ingredients - food, fitness, and feeling good.

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The Best Recipe for Losing Weight

Most every diet on the market today focuses on the first two ingredients - food and fitness, but few include feeling good, which just might be the absolute essential ingredient for successful lasting weight loss. (At least is has been for me.) It's the magical missing ingredient and once you discover its power your life and weight loss efforts will be so much easier and more enjoyable.

When you begin to focus on feeling good, having fun and adding pleasure to your life instead of dieting, deprivation, restrictions, food charts and working out, your mind and body begin to shift. It's almost immediate. Try it right now. Say to yourself, "I need to lose weight" and notice how you feel. (If you're like me you will probably feel sad, depressed, frustrated, tired, and/or overwhelmed - not great emotions from which to create lasting change.) Now say, "I need to find a way to feel good and have some fun." Notice a difference? (When I say this, I feel a smile creep across my face and I feel light, warm, happy, excited and interested. These are much better emotions for making something positive happen.)

Why Feeling Good is Essential for Weight Loss

When you shift your focus from losing weight to feeling good you set yourself up for success because you move to a happier, less stressful, calm, relaxed state, where weight loss can begin to happen in a way that seems effortless. When you feel good, you are much more likely to engage in behaviors that make you feel better like eating better, getting enough sleep and moving your body in ways that feel good. And when you feel good, you are not producing all those stress hormones that can cause you to eat for comfort and gain weight. Focusing on feeling good becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy.

So, always remember to include ways to feel good about yourself, your body, your life, your career, and/or your relationships in whatever recipe for weight loss you choose because it is a magical, essential ingredient for success.

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Wie Sie hartnäckiges Bauchfett loswerden


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