Health Probe 101 - Proactive and Easy Weight Loss Solutions While Working in the Office!

Are you working 8 to 12 hours a day? Do you find it hard to live up to at least 30 minutes of cardio workouts daily? For most, it's hard to get away from work and make health a priority. But it's possible for you to exercise even without donning your gym attire. Here are quick and easy weight loss solutions to boost your health and lose weight even while working!

There are five things you need to consider to achieve optimum health: Lose weight, healthy food options, exercise, quit smoking and moderate alcohol consumption. If you're still new to the idea of "working out", this is a great way to start. These simple weight loss tricks should keep your body moving while working:

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a.) Football drill and jumping jacks: This combo exercise is achievable in as little as one to two minutes. Doing these easy weight loss solutions help burn calories by jump starting your heart rate.
b.) Shadow boxing: This is a great workout for during break time. Boxing is a great calorie burner, especially if this becomes a routine in your workout. For the meantime, do some random boxing moves (in a secluded area, of course) and repeat this 3-5 times throughout the day.
c.) Take the stairs: Similar to running, taking the stairs two at time needs more effort. Take the time to use the stairs instead of the elevator and start by doing one step at a time as fast as you can. This may work best if you're heading up or down for two to three floors (you can go higher if tolerated). Do this 5-7 times everyday for maximum benefits.
d.) One leg squats: Subtler easy weight loss solutions may be more suited for some. If you don't want to sound or look like you've just hiked a mountain since your break, one leg squats should do the trick. Waiting for a call or sending an email? Hold on to a chair or table for support and squat away!
e.) Leg lifts: While sitting on your chair, extend one leg and lift. Hold this position for about 2-5 seconds then back down. Do the same thing on the other side. For best results, do this for 15 times each leg throughout the day.
f.) Stretching: This type of exercise helps relieve muscle tension and promote relaxation. In your line-up of simple exercises, do some stretching after any cardio or weight lifting exercises. While sitting, put two hands up and reach as high as you can without lifting your body. Lift your right arm higher than your left and hold this position for 10 seconds.
g.) Don't just sit -- move: Make the most of your break and work time. Take your lunch out of the office and walk to a nearby cafe. Take documents to the next room instead of having someone do it for you. You may also incorporate simple yoga routines to relax your mind and body. With these easy weight loss solutions, it would be easier for you to shift from simple to a complete gym workout.

These are easy weight loss solutions without leaving your desks. The old 'no time for exercise' excuse will be the thing of the past! Although a thorough workout of cardio and weight bearing exercises may lead to faster and more fruitful results, it's better to have small but consistent exercises than none at all. And lastly, you could always do better and take time to make well-being a lifetime goal!

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