30 Fast Weight Loss Tips to Ensure That You Get Lean and Sexy

For fast weight loss, you will need only the top weight loss tips - you can find 30 of my best tips to lose weight here

If you are serious about losing weight fast, you will take these 30 tips and apply one each day. That way at the end of the month, you have covered all the basics for fast weight loss. Then all you have to do is continue implementing these tips until the weight comes off.

Here's those smart, fast weight loss tips of mine

Drink 8-10 glasses of water each day - This helps flush your body of impurities and fat and it will also help to keep you hydrated so that you don't overeat. 6 small meals - It will keep your metabolism high and keep you fuller. Eat lots of fruit and veg - Fruit and veggies makes great snacks to keep your mind of sweets. Bulk your meals up with salad or veg - This is a great strategy to help you to eat less of the other foods. Limit fat intake - For fast weight loss, make sure that you have no more than 4 units of fat a day. One teaspoon of oil is equal to one fat unit. Keep your hands busy - Get a hobby that can keep you busy to keep your mind of food. Eat only until you are full - Try and recognize when you are full and stop at that point. Don't eat when you are not hungry - A clever trick to stop unnecessary eating is to rate hunger on scale of 1 to 5 (1 not hungry, 5 starving) and only to eat when you are at a number 3 to 5. Eat more fiber - Fiber is excellent for keeping you fuller for longer. Motivate yourself - Always try to keep motivated. It will make weight loss easier. Set goals - Set goals to plan how you are going to achieve fast weight loss. Drink milk(skim) after your workout - A recent study has shown that drinking milk after a workout helps to burn more fat. Choose lean meat over others - Lean meat like chicken and fish are much less in fat than others. Avoid take-aways and sweets - Take-aways and sweets are weight loss's worst enemy. Try to limit or avoid it. Workout smarter - Do the best exercises for weight loss - cardio interval training and weight training. Drink lots of water - Water helps to flush out toxins and also keeps full, so that you don't mistake hunger for thirst. Drink green tea - Green tea may help to speed up your fat loss. Get more activities in your day - Try to be more active, like walking your dog. Exercise first thing in the morning - That way you are sure to get your exercise in. Don't skip breakfast - There is a direct link to obesity and skipping breakfast. Lift heavier lifts - Heavier weight will help you to burn more calories in your workout. Just don't lift too heavy. Do cardio interval training - Do cardio interval training for 3 days a week, 20 minutes at a time. Stress less - Stress can cause belly fat. Relax with a class of yoga or Pilates, Use your favorite music to motivate yourself - Load your favorite tunes on your music player and get pumping. Chew your food slower - It will make you eat less and lose more weight. Eat 100% healthy - Healthy foods are also lower in fat and calories. Stick to the right portion sizes - Familiarize yourself with the right portion sizes and stick to it. Control your binge eating - Cinnamon and grapefruit are excellent for busting cravings. Reward yourself positively - When you have completed a goal, be sure to reward yourself (just not with food). Enjoy the journey - Try to enjoy losing weight.

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