Best Ways Of Setting Our Weight Loss Goals

Most of us have an ideal weight we would like to achieve when we begin a weight loss plan. Although we may set a goal of losing 14 pounds for example, this may not be sufficient motivation for many of us to achieve the results we want. Before setting either an over ambitious goal or restricting ourselves to an unrealistic time limit, try following some of the simple hints below to help set a more successful weight loss goal:

- One step at a time.

We may have set our goal at 14 pounds, but realistically we are not going lose all this weight at once. By having our ultimate goal in mind, we could achieve this by setting ourselves smaller milestones on the road to the final weigh in. We could set ourselves a goal of 1-2 pounds per week, depending of course on the quantity of weight loss we require in total. If we have a lot of weight to lose we should notice a higher level of weight loss per week than someone with only a small amount to lose.

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Once we have decided on our predicted weekly weight loss and of course our ultimate goal weight, it is a good idea to keep a diary. By noting down our starting weight and noting down weekly losses, we will keep focused on our goal because the evidence of our progress will be stored in our diary, where we will see them on a daily basis.

- Apply realistic goals.

By not being over enthusiastic when setting our goals, we will avoid disappointment if our goals are not met. If we plan to lose minimum amounts initially, we are more likely to succeed, gain confidence and not be discouraged. If we feel that losing 1-2 pounds per week is not achievable, then reduce the goal to an amount that we are more confident that we can meet. Even if we can only manage to lose 2 pounds per month, our weight is still coming down, and if we happen to lose more than we have planned that is a bonus, and will give us a much needed boost.

- Focus and commitment.

It is so important to keep ourselves focused when following a weight loss programme. We can all set ourselves goals, but without dedication, focus and commitment, we can so easily waver or fail if our weight loss stagnates or slows down. As often happens, we can go through periods of no weight loss or very little, this can make us feel downhearted and tempted to give up. We have to keep our focus and be firm in our commitment to achieve our weight loss goal. This constant dedication and commitment can only instil in us the enthusiasm to carry on.

We may feel the need to change our goals or have a change of routine during our weight loss plan. A little flexibility may be used if circumstances change, but over all we need to be clear in our mind exactly what our aims are, and exactly what we want. Once we have established this, we will be in a better position to achieve success.

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