The Fat Free Weight Loss Trap

If you are learning about weight loss there is something you must know. There is a huge misconception going around today that low fat and fat free foods are good for you. These foods still have calories, and most of those calories are known as an empty calorie, as it does nothing to improve or nourish the body.

The foods that have the huge low fat and fat free labels are usually junk food. Low fat candy bars? Fat free potato chips? Come on people just because it may not be as bad for you as they once were doesn't make them good for you.

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Am I asking you to give up your junk food? Of course not, just eat less of it. One candy bar a week is plenty; make it your Saturday afternoon treat, but to eat one or two every day is just asking to put yourself or keep yourself in the overweight crowd.

The weight loss plan

Now a lot of people are seeking various weight loss techniques because they have gained a little too much weight and now it is a problem. It is never too late to start a weight loss program; the sooner you start the easier it is.

It is common knowledge, almost legend that most people who start a weight loss regime fail. They lose a few pounds then go back to their old ways and not only gain all those pounds back, but often a few more as well.

The reason those people failed is that they quit, if you start a weight loss program you cannot fail if you do not quit. Don't go all guilt trip just because you could not resist a candy bar in the middle of the week, or you had seconds at the buffet, just get up the next morning and continue your program that you started.

The reason to eat right

As you are probably well aware, being overweight is more than just a cosmetic condition that may make you less attractive to the opposite sex. Being overweight also has some significant health risks and can cause self-esteem issues. There is no good reason to be overweight. Therefore, you need to get on and stick with a weight loss plan.

We have all been taught in school what it is to eat right. We know about the food pyramid, and the required daily values we need to survive and be healthy. It seems that we have begun to ignore that knowledge out of convenience. It is much easier to eat food that someone else has already prepared, so we do not have to expend any effort to enjoy it, all we need to do is stuff it into our face.

Depending on your activity level, you need a certain caloric intake to maintain that level. If you are a professional athlete, you have a much higher calorie need than a person who sits on the couch and watches sports. The problem here is that the person on the couch consumes as many calories as the athlete, yet has way less activity. Therefore, the person on the couch gains weight.

The secret to weight loss

The best way to lose weight and keep it off is portion control. There are many charts and books of charts out there that will tell you what activities burn what calories. All you need do is write down your normal activities and then look them up in the chart to see how many calories you burn in a day. On the same note, many publications tell you how many calories a food has. So write down what you eat in a day.

You will probably be shocked to find out that you eat many times what you burn off. This is the reason you are learning about weight loss. If you are burning 1500 calories a day, and you are eating 3500 calories a day, you are gaining weight. To stop this you either need to increase your activity level to match what you are burning to what you are eating, or decrease your intake to match your activity.

Portion control is the solution

The best weight loss plan is a combination of decreasing your caloric intake and at the same time increasing your activity to burn off your stored calories. At first, you may be a little disappointed at the size of your meals, but as you see the pounds melting off you will be happy to stick with them.

One of the first things you must do is called the "push away" technique. Push away from the table when you start to feel satisfied. Satisfied is better than full, it allows you to continue to function normally without any restrictions. Push away when you offered seconds, push away from the large piece of dessert, push away from the extra roll. With just a little practice, this becomes second nature and is so easy you will wonder how you ever ate so much in the past.

Then to help you to fight hunger, especially when you are first starting a weight loss regime, have a snack that is healthy for you. When that hunger strikes, drink a glass of water and eat a light snack such as a rice cake or a granola bar. Only one, do not make a meal of them, just a light snack. If you are still hungry, drink another glass of water.

You can succeed if you do not quit. To quit is to fail. You can achieve weight loss, and lead a happy and healthy life if you start and never quit.

Be Blessed.

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