The Dark Side of Weight Loss

If you are looking into weight loss programs and products you should take a few minutes to evaluate the course of action you are about to take. There are many different weight loss products and programs that advertise quick weight loss, most of them are what are known as a fad diet. These diets may help you to lose a quick ten pounds but they are actually unsustainable.

For example, starvation will help you lose weight fast, but you will not be able to keep the weight off, as eventually you will start to eat again and the weight will return. You must evaluate the long-term sustainability of a weight loss program; will you be able to live with it for the rest of your life? To lose weight and keep it off requires a permanent change in your habits, and any weight loss program that promises to help you lose weight fast is usually not sustainable.

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Fad diets and crash diets appear to produce good results; they are well advertised and have quite a few people who will recommend them. You must evaluate them to make sure that you can both lose the weight and keep it off. Most of the weight loss from these programs is temporary. They drain your body of water, and so it appears that you are losing weight fast. Well when your body is hydrated again, all your weight comes back, plus some as you did not alter your true eating habits.

Some can cause health complications.

Look out for outrageous weight loss claims; if the product claims rapid loss in days then it is most likely a dehydration method that will produce quick weight loss as you water level in your body is drained. Fat has high water content, so losing water will make it appear that you are losing weight, while in reality your fat is still there. Check to see how much of the product is a diuretic, a chemical designed to reduce the water retention of your body. These products could be dangerous if taken for a long time and cause some serious health problems.

Most of the time the program will be too difficult to follow and you will give up after about a week, and this is what those companies are betting on. They hope you will buy it and quit, this way they can say you did not follow the program and therefore you do not get a refund. Yes, there are some seriously unscrupulous people out there.

Weight loss can be permanent.

Weight loss programs that advertise quickness are only temporary solutions. These programs will not have any effect on your eating or activity habits. They will put you on the yo-yo cycle of losing weight and gaining it right back. This also has the side effect of damaging your self-esteem as you feel you did not have the will power to lose the weight.

Look for something that is producing permanent change, this is the only real weight loss solution. Get with your doctor to find your target weight; he or she has charts to measure the average of your height and bone size to what your weight should be if you are healthy. Then look for a plan that you can use for a long time that will help you to get healthy and stay healthy.

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