Weight Loss Solutions - Four Effective Ways to Lose Weight Without Sweating it Out in the Gym!

The market is filled with weight loss products and diet programs that promise results. Going 'instant' might not be the best solution to your weight problems. We always thought that sweating out in the gym is the best way to lose weight -- but that's not always the case for most. Well, you can always stay at home and still get the best weight loss solutions. Impossible? Read on.

a.) Balanced diet -- the better version

If you're following the food pyramid, there's a great chance that it's going to take you nowhere near the desired results. Why? Because you're eating more carbs that you should!

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Excess carbohydrates are stored in the body. When these are not used properly, excess calories will become stored energy (a.k.a. fat). Not only will this add mass to your body, it's the source of unsightly bulges and cellulite around the tummy, legs, arms and neck!

For years, health researchers are finding better weight loss solutions to counter this standard diet. Here are two popular diet plans with the highest possibility of helping you lose weight:

- High carbohydrate and high protein for breakfast and low calorie meals throughout the day
- Low carb and high protein diet

The first diet program is more suited for long-term diet plans. Having calorie-laden breakfasts eases the 'carb-craving' on your later meals. On the other hand, the second program will likely produce faster results but may be difficult to sustain after some time, particularly jobs needing great demands of physical work.

b.) Fiber

What most people don't know is that fiber actually aids in the weight loss process. When taken in, fiber turns into a gummy substance that draws out cholesterol and carbohydrates out of the colons, keeping your digestive system healthy.

Fiber-rich sources like oats, wheat grain (except white rice) and a variety of fruits and vegetables have high content of this compound. Make sure to incorporate fiber in your daily meals.

c.) Exercise and have fun

One of the many weight loss solutions you could do on a daily basis is to make exercising fun. How? There's more than one way to enjoy a good physical activity!

Zumba is aerobics and dance in one exercise. It's an alternative from the standard workouts in the gym. Yoga is a relaxing combination of controlled breathing and stretching. This is a great stress-relieving exercise preferred by most since you'll only need a mat, yoga instructor (or a home video) and some subtle music playing in the background. You could do this in the living room or in the park where it's peaceful.

d.) Get a planner

Write down your goals, both short-term and long-term. What are your incentives? What are your plans once you've achieved the desired weight? This should help you plan better weight loss solutions in your future diet plans.

Even though you work out in the gym, it's no guarantee that you'll see efficient results. You can always take up a new sport, do household chores or have fun with your kids in the yard playing 'hide-and-seek'. Just make regular visits with your nutritionist and set out a diet plan suited for your needs. Weight loss solutions don't have to be expensive! You pay less and still get to enjoy more out of it.

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