10 Weight Loss Tips and Tricks

Thousands of people in the world today are looking for rapid weight loss tips in order to achieve the body they desire and the health they deserve. However many give up along the way as they find that they are not able to keep off the pounds permanently. Here are ten simple weight loss tips and tricks that can assist you to effectively lose those unwanted inches and result in a slimmer and healthier body.

1. Do not rush for fad diets. Such diets provide temporary results. You will end up putting on even more weight than you originally started out with and this will hurt your efforts to lose weight. Be prepared to change your lifestyle somewhat and incorporate the following tips.

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2. Avoid the soft drinks, soda pops, sweetened drinks as well as alcoholic drinks. Instead, reach out for the glass of plain water with each and every meal. Drinking water during a meal helps you to feel full faster. At the same time, plain water helps to flush out the toxins and waste products from the kidneys and aids in the proper cleansing of the digestive system too.

3. Avoid fried or, worse still, deep-fried dishes. Aim for healthy cooking methods that can help to cut down the use of fat or oil. These include boiling, grilling, roasting, stewing, steaming, turbo-broiling or cooking in the pressure cooker. By choosing a healthier cooking method, you can cut down the fat content by at least half.

4. Burn those calories. There are many ways you can do this. If you are not one for exercising, start off by walking. If you are already walking your dog, then walk it more often. This will help you burn calories. Stretching exercises help to increase flexibility, relieve stress, improve blood circulation as well as the range of motion of your joints. Or sign up for that dance class!

5. If you need to snack, select healthy snacks. Fruits and vegetables are one of the best snacks available as they are low in calories, yet provides vitamins, minerals, fiber and gives you a feeling of fullness. You can also opt for whole grain snacks and low-fat dairy products.

6. Avoid skipping meals as this tends to have the opposite effect on your body. Instead of losing weight, your body's metabolism starts to slow down and you burn less calories which is not going to help you lose weight at all.

7. Aim for mindful eating. When you focus on each mouthful, chew your food sufficiently between each bite and take your time to enjoy the process of eating, you will have a greater enjoyment of food, better digestion as well as reduce your urge to overeat.

8. Monitor your weight loss progress. The more you focus your attention on losing weight, the quicker you will find a way to reach your weight loss goal. What you focus on, expands...

9. Use your power of imagination. Allow yourself to dream of already possessing the body you desire and the health you deserve. Act as if you have already achieved it. By applying the powers of your mind, feel yourself in alignment with your desires and picture in full detail the life you are living with your newfound health and figure. Make use of all your five senses to make this 'real' in your mind. This sends out energy to the Universe and in time, you will see your dreams manifest into reality.

10. Celebrate small wins. When you hit your first milestone in your journey of a healthy weight loss program, have a celebration. Celebrating small wins along the way prepares you for the big win that is coming.

The above simple weight loss tips and tricks, if followed step-by-step, can result in rapid weight loss.

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