The Weight Loss Craze

With obesity rates on the rise, weight loss seems to be the words on everyone's lips. Entire television shows are devoted to weight loss attempts and there are endless isles of weight loss products at your local stores. With all of these TV shows and products flying at your face, it may be difficult to know where to start with your weight loss plan. Don't stress; we'll go over some simplified techniques that can get you started while you are looking for the plan that is right for you!

One of the reasons that obesity rates have gotten so high is that our portion control is way out of whack. Our food portions are way too large, and our meat to vegetable ratio is nowhere close to being right. This is due to the advertising gurus at our fast food and restaurant corporations. These companies have led us to believe that, when it comes to food, bigger is better. Unfortunately, this little phrase doesn't work when it comes to our waist lines. When it comes to your portions, keep your meat portions down to the size of your fist, or a deck of playing cards. Keep your starches to the 3/4 to 1 cup, and when it comes to rice and flour remember that whole grains are best. As far as the veggies go, t is my philosophy to fill up on those. Find a healthy veggie that you really enjoy and put a whole bunch of it on your plate. Try to be conservative with butter and other dressings, and try to keep most of your veggies in their freshest, crunchiest state, since this is the state that they are at their healthiest.

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Ever wondered why the Southern states have the highest obesity rates? It is because of our love of fried foods. I am a Southern girl myself and I can certainly vouch for that! We fry everything, potatoes, chicken, Twinkies, pickles, Snickers bars and pretty much everything else we can get our hands on. To start on your weight loss journey, try to start enjoying your food prepared in a healthier way. If you have to have that crunch factor with your chicken, try to "oven fry" your chicken. You can also get fresh Red Potatoes, quarter them and spray them with cooking spray and sprinkle them with sea salt and spices and bake them. You will be amazed at how tasty they are, and they are so much healthier this way. Just take baby steps towards healthier food preparation, and you might even start to notice that your pants are getting looser and that you prefer your food prepared this way!

When it comes to weight loss, the most important thing to know is that you are taking a step in the right direction. Since you are looking to lose weight for both appearance and health reasons, you want to make sure you are losing weight in the right way. Taking it easy and starting off with just a few healthy lifestyle changes can make a big difference, and give you time to find a weight loss program that works for you!

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