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"Fast weight loss methods" are usually sought out by those who want quick results for very little effort. Most of the time, they think that taking some diet pills or buying the latest appetite-controlling tea that is guaranteed to burn fat while they sleep will help them achieve their goals.

This article is not for those people. These tips are for smart people who realize that, if they want better health and appearance, they are going to have to give up something besides money to get it.

We Can't Buy Health -- We Must Earn It

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Just look around you! If two-thirds of the U.S. population is overweight or obese, doesn't that tell you something about the need to eat differently?

Following the "mainstream" diet will give you similar results to everyone else: Obesity, which is second only to tobacco smoking as a leading risk factor for premature death in the United States.  And obesity is the predictable result of a lifetime of eating the Standard American Diet. 

No pill or tea, by itself, is going to change that.

Intelligent people are understandably confused by the many conflicting arguments of what belongs in a healthy daily diet. Frankly, there are many warring food processors and restaurants who are willing to fudge the truth to get you to spend your food dollar with them. There is a massive quantity of lies and propaganda that we must dispel to get at the truth.

But let's keep it simple and just concentrate on the biggest factors which cause us to gain weight -- the foods and beverages we eat and drink, and our sedentary lifestyle.

Our Food Is Not What It Used To Be

For a clearer understanding of how far our food has changed, compared to what our parents were eating only fifty years ago, you should read Food, Inc., Fast Food Nation, and/or An Omnivore's Dilemma.

To sum it all up briefly, our food has been slyly changed in ways that make it less healthy, but more addictive. There are fewer of the micronutrients we need to build and repair strong, energetic bodies, and more calories in the form of animal fats, oils, and refined sugars which pack the most weight-gain punch.

The simplest way to cause the fast weight loss we desire is to stop eating these foods that are causing us to become so fat. (I know, I's easier said than done!)

The real challenge to any of the fast weight loss methods you choose is to win the mental game of weight loss.

Here are some of the obstacles you will face:

1) The fact that everyone around you is eating these foods you are trying to avoid (Just because "Everyone is doing it", it doesn't mean it is right -- It just means they don't know any better.)

2) The conflicting scientific reports, funded by the food industry in many cases, that are meant to assure you that *their* foods are not at fault. 

3) The fact that some people seem to be able to defy all the rules of healthy living and still live to be 100. (There is an exception to every rule -- are you willing to bet your life that you will beat the Law of Averages?)

4) The distracting discoveries that some new "easier" method of weight loss may come along to save you the trouble of giving up your favorite foods.

5) Confusing new factoids that suggest our epidemic of obesity is caused by tiny amounts of chemicals in our water, foods, or environment that place weight loss out of our control. (Whew! Now we have another excuse to give up!)

6) Most doctors know next-to-nothing about human nutrition, so all they have to offer are drugs, tests, and surgery. ( You need the help of a doctor who is trained in the art of nutrition for weight loss.)

7) Many people are living in a chemical fog of doctor-prescribed pharmaceutical drugs that make weight loss nearly impossible. It is important to enlist the care of a physician who understands healthy nutrition to get off these drugs that interfere with healthy weight loss.

Let me assure you, speaking as someone who made up my mind to remain thin and healthy fifty years ago -- and succeeded at it -- that losing weight and keeping it off are not outside your control. It is our food, drink, and exercise habits that are the major factors that determine whether we will be fat or thin.

A genetic lottery does not decide who is thin and who will be fat. Your daily food choices and exercise habits, driven by your mental attitudes, determine for the most part your weight.

For some, it is easier than others, but that is no reason to give up on something so important as your health, your appearance, and how you feel.

So, if you really want the best of all the fast weight loss methods, you need to be willing to do what the majority of those around you are not willing to do -- let go of bad habits of diet and inactivity.

There really are no shortcuts to fast weight loss that provide lasting results -- without harming your health. It takes effort to get back to a natural diet.

Are you willing to do it right or will you keep looking for an easier way among the many fast weight loss methods in the sideshow we call the Diet Industry?

Good luck if you choose the easy way! If you need to lose weight, remember that the easy way got you where you are today.

It is going to require a change in you and your habits if you want real success in health and weight loss.

There are always going to be faster weight loss methods, but there is only one basic diet that will also give you lasting health at the same time.   Try it, you'll love the results.

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